The Beer Gardens

Great beer deserves great settings. Or, as the Germans say, every beer needs a home
("Bier braucht Heimat" ).
Bavarian beer gardens are welcoming, shade-filled, family-friendly places where locals go to meet, eat, relax, and enjoy fresh, local beers. Nowhere in Bavaria is the beer fresher than at a beer garden. In northern Bavaria, around the brewing center of Bamberg, beer gardens were built atop sandstone caves dug down to a perfect depth and temperature for lagering the beer. These lagering cellars are known as Bierkeller.

In an effort to keep the cellared beers cool throughout the year, brewers planted trees atop the Keller to shade the ground. Originally, the locals would hike up the hills to fetch some fresh beer, pulled straight from the wooden barrels stored in the Keller. Eventually, these thirsty locals wanted some refreshment after their long hike. Enterprising brewers began to put out tables and benches for the locals – and even let them bring their own food – so they would settle in for the evening and drink their beer at the source. Eventually the popularity of these beer gardens helped them develop into daily (and nightly) meeting places where locals – and the beers – shared a common home.

With our beer gardens, we are bringing a piece of this tradition to Columbia. The first seasonal pop-up beer garden will be held at the historic Guignard Brick Works along the banks of the Congaree River. We will have the authentic beer garden benches, plenty of shade (from trees, tents, and umbrellas), and the freshest Bierkeller beers served from a traditional German Bierwagen and in traditional glassware (including ceramic mugs).

So come visit us this spring, meet your newest "old friends," and have some authentic German cuisine such as sausages and Kellerplatten (charcuterie and cheese plates) courtesy of local favorites like The Wurst Wagen – and make yourself "at home."

We are extremely pleased to announce our next public Bierkeller pop-up event: Oktoberfest at the Brickworks! This will be our largest public event yet, a two-day outdoor party in Cayce. Our Oktoberfest will involve more of everything we've done so far: more food, more music, more seating, more shade, and more beer!

Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 17th. This is the same day as the opening of the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Columbia's first Bierkeller Oktoberfest will be held at the historic Guignard Brick Works, just across the Blossom Street Bridge, in Cayce. Parking is FREE and available right on site. We will be kicking off at 4 pm on Saturday under the big tent, with the tapping of the first of many kegs by Cayce Mayor Elise Partin. On Sunday, we start at 1 pm and will go into the early evening. Saturday only, we will have the excellent four-piece German Oompah band The Channelheimers playing for your enjoyment. Don't miss them and the atmosphere they bring!

We will be serving our Kölumbianer Kölsch, Braunbier, and Kellerbier, and all will be available in quarter, half, and full liters, served in authentic German glass- or ceramic-ware. Food will be provided by the The Wurst Wagen as well as some other food trucks and vendors that will be announced shortly.

For this event we will be introducing our wooden Biertokens. These fun wooden coins cost $2.50 each and are good for a quarter liter of any of our beers. They never expire and make getting your beer simple! Purchase as many tokens as you like, and exchange 1 for a small glass, 2 for a half liter, or 4 for the full liter. Separating our purchase and beer pouring stations helps us serve you faster; plus the tokens make great gifts for the German beer lover in your life.

More information and details will be coming shortly! We look forward to celebrating Oktoberfest with you. Prost Columbi-Ja!